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MAND 2023 Fall Newsletter

Letter from our President

Hello MAND!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the fall weather and beautiful foliage this year.

MAND has been very busy over the last few months. The strategic planning committee continues to work on updating MAND’s strategic plan. Surveys have been sent out to our stakeholders and returned over the last several weeks; some focus groups have been held as well. Thank you to all those that participated, we greatly appreciate your input. The strategic planning committee will be reviewing the responses over the next couple of months and will continue with the process. Stay tuned for more updates!

FNCE this year was in the beautiful mile high city of Denver, Colorado and had many wonderful sessions to choose from. It was excellent to see Maine so well represented this year. Maine students really shined with the University of Maine presenting a whopping 9 posters on the expo floor. The University of New England had a large crew of Maine (and non-Maine) students attend as well. This year was also the first year that the Academy Affiliate Services offered a joint affiliate reception for multiple states to mingle with food and drink. MAND participated in this affiliate reception where MAND members networked with each other and other states like our neighbor to the south, New Hampshire. I was also able to meet with our affiliate services providers, Carrie Kiley and Rachel Kelleher and touch base with them on all things MAND.

The many committees of MAND continue to work hard. Kayla Parsons continues to lead the public policy panel particularly with licensure rule making updates. Amelia Sullivan leads the annual conference planning committee with plans for the 2024 conference to be held on April 26th at the Atlantic Oceanside hotel in Bar Harbor; we hope to see you there!

If you would like to participate in MAND (Foodies Forum, award nominations, or board positions to name a few!) please feel free to reach out, there are many ways to be involved.

Wishing everyone health and happiness going into the holiday season!

Sarah Gilbert, MS, RD, LD

President Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2023-2024



Some highlights of MAND Members at FNCE in Denver, Colorado!



Hello everyone! My name is Caroline Bennett and I am the student representative on the board of MAND. I am a second-year graduate student enrolled in the University of New England Master's of Science in Applied Nutrition program. The UNE nutrition and dietetics master's program is an ACEND credited Future Education Model Program. This is a competency-based education program that integrates classroom learning with hands-on supervised experiential learning (SEL) activities. The UNE program allows students to complete coursework online while completing their SEL hours at various sites. Although there are students enrolled in this program in different parts of the country, there is a strong contingent of Maine students completing their SEL hours in clinical, community, and foodservice settings. Some of the sites that students have recently completed their rotations include Franklin Memorial Hospital, Maine Medical Center, Southern Maine Health Care, Fresenius Kidney Care, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Southern Maine Agency on Aging, Westbrook and Old Orchard school districts, Bath YMCA, and many more!

My goal as the MAND student board representative is to strengthen communication between Maine nutrition and dietetic students and MAND. I hope to capture the concerns, needs, and hopes for UMaine and UNE students across the state, and foster collaboration between Maine students and MAND. Please reach out to me at with any questions. I would love your voice to be heard!

Caroline Bennett


MAND Student Representative

MSAN Dietetics Graduate Student

University of New England


MAND Blast from the Past

We have recently digitized several boxes of historical documents that have been accumulated since MAND’s start in 1947. Here is a newspaper article from the Bangor Daily News to start our new newsletter section to highlight some of the documents we found.


MAND Public Policy Update

Happy Fall Everyone!

MAND’s Public Policy Panel has recently been taking this time to attend several virtual Academy-led educational events, one of which being the Nutrition and Dietetics State Advocacy Summit. Several members were in attendance and learned more in-depth about the 2023 Model Practice Act and opportunities surrounding the up and coming Dietitian Licensure Compact. The 2023 Model Practice Act is a framework for state licensure specifying the qualifications for practicing Medical Nutrition Therapy. This framework was used in the development of last year’s rulemaking suggestions, and is now being advocated for across multiple states with licensure. Implementation of the Model Practice Act is dependent on the current legislative climate, dietetic licensure board capacity, and resources. That being said, I’m thankful that the Public Policy Panel has already had the opportunity to present suggestions incorporated in the Model Practice Act into our own licensure rule suggestions.

The Dietitian Licensure Compact is a collaborative effort between the Academy and the Council of State Government’s National Center for Interstate Compacts. An interstate compact is a contract between 2 or more states (with the most common example being a driver’s license). Most occupational state licensure compacts allow individuals to work in multiple states with one license, rather than purchasing one license per state in which one works. Interstate compacts are common among nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, and among other professions. Implementation of an interstate compact would increase mobility, leverage advantages of telehealth, and support relocating military families. The Public Policy Panel participated in providing feedback during the public comment period. The compact contract language will be finalized by the end of this year, so keep an eye out for updates!

In addition to the Nutrition and Dietetics State Advocacy Summit, several members of the panel attended the Academy’s Quarterly Policy and Advocacy Town Hall. The aim of the town hall was to inform Academy policy leaders on the efforts of the affinity groups within the academy. Several affinity groups exist with a specific nutrition-policy focus including MNT expansion, nutrition security, maternal & child health, dietary guidelines, licensure initiatives, payment and reimbursement and health equity and diversity. Key initiatives from each affinity group was discussed and included:

1. Ensuring that health equity, a broad range of diversity, and inclusion are interwoven through all initiatives of the academy;

2. The benefits of partnering with the Academy on licensure initiatives and the development of the Dietitian Licensure Compact;

3. Providing feedback for the Dietary Guidelines for ages 0-2 and celebrating National Breastfeeding month;

4. Advocating for increased food security through the Farm bill & the need for funding for multiple supplemental meal programs including but not limited to WIC, SNAP-ed, and Healthy School Meals for All;

5. Supporting proposed payment policies under the Physician Fee schedule that advocate for equitable healthcare;

6. Current standings of the MNT Act 2023, Diabetes Self-Management Training Act, Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, and Medically Tailored Meals Demonstration Act;

7. Input from the Academy regarding recommendations for ages zero to two and the need for cultural awareness for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030.

If any of the aforementioned initiatives or activities are of interest to you, please contact Kayla at to discuss how to become involved.


MAND Updates

Recognition and Money!

Check out our various Scholarships and Awards! MAND honors leaders in our field and provides scholarships to future dietetics professionals.

Applications open January 1st. Click the button below for more information.

MAND donates to the Foundation raffle to raise money for scholarships and grants.

MAND participated in the Foundation raffle during FNCE by creating a gift basket (in this case a Maine bag!) with items representative of Maine. The Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and relies upon donations for all its outreach efforts. The items will be mailed to the lucky winner of the raffle.


MAND Updates

MAND Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

It's never too early to begin thinking about joining the MAND board and putting your personal interests and talents to work in one of the many positions important in our organization. The volunteer year runs from June until May, so this is a great time to explore where you can best fit in! Click here to learn more.

Save the date!

The Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MAND) Spring Conference will be held in Bar Harbor, Maine, at the Atlantic Oceanside, on April 26th, 2024.


The MAND 2024 Annual Conference will include 5-minute Rapid Oral Presentations. We encourage all to apply! Instructions can be found on the submission site. The submission deadline is December 6th, 2023.


MAND is the professional organization for Maine Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), Registered Dietitians (RDs), Dietetic Technicians (DTRs), and Nutrition Dietetic Technicians Registered (NDTRs) who are members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. With approximately 300 members, MAND strives to provide the highest quality professional resources and updates specific to our members. Please click here to see sponsorship opportunities to connect with our close-knit community below and email us at with any questions.


HOD Update

Hello from your MAND representative to the Academy’s House of Delegates! The Delegates have been busy since our last update this summer so I wanted to inform you on what we have been working on. Here are some updates from the meetings we have had the last few months:

August 16th House of Delegates Real Time Dialogue: Topics included a proposal for restructuring the delegate’s at large positions and discussing potential critical issues submitted by members. These included making membership Indispensable, increasing the skillset and scope of RD/DTR’s, increasing the visibility of DTR’s, IDEA, infant formula shortages, changes to CDR’s CEU approval process, AI, and advocacy topics. I was unable to attend this meeting due to becoming ill with COVID the day prior so was unable to set a proxy in such short notice and was not well enough to attend myself. The House Leadership Team took the feedback provided around the proposed changes to the Delegate-at-Large positions to make changes to the proposal for voting in September.

September 20th House of Delegates Real Time Dialogue: The topic for discussion was on the issue of student enrollment in ACEND accredited programs. Constituent feedback was collected via a survey to refine the focus of the conversation at the real time dialogue. Questions addressed in the breakout rooms by delegates included:

- We are already seeing difficulties in hiring RDNs in various settings. With the drop in student enrollment in recent years the RDN shortage will only worsen. How can we reimagine the profession and the role of the RDN in healthcare to attract more individuals?

- In the survey many individuals reported they either knew of colleagues who left the profession and/or they have considered leaving the profession themselves. What should employers consider to retain employees?

- Many educators indicated their program is looking for faculty. What would attract more RDNs to consider becoming an educator?

Part of being a Delegate is also being sure that our constituents are aware of goings-on with the Academy so I have a few announcements to share:

The House of Delegates is soliciting input for topics facing the profession, to research and provide recommendations to the Academy and its organizational units. Please consider submitting any topics you feel passionate about. The HOD encourages you to be thoughtful and when possible to provide links to resources or findings that will help us evaluate your suggestion. The HOD reviews submitted topics multiple times throughout the year. You can always reach out to me as your delegate with any questions as well ( Click here to submit your suggestion.

ACEND Notice: Announcing Public Comment for Proposed Advanced Practice Doctorate Standards

The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) Board has released the proposed draft for the Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics Practice Standards for Doctoral Education Programs for public comment and encourages all interested parties to provide input by completing the survey, which can be accessed here (LINK: Doctoral Standards and Templates ( The survey allows you to share any comments or concerns you have about the proposed standards. The estimated time to complete the survey is 10-30 minutes. Please share this information with your constituents and colleagues. ACEND values your input! This survey will remain open through November 5, 2023. Thank you for helping guide ACEND in its decision making related to our accreditation standards.

Kristine Kittridge, MS, RD, LD

MAND HOD Delegate


What’s New– The Academy

CDR’s Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics and Adults

The Commission on Dietetic Registration’s comprehensive Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics and Adults is being offered November 30 and December 1, 7 and 8. The course focuses on foundational concepts in weight management science and evidence-based practice to build knowledge, skills and competence. Up to 61 CPEUs are available. Tuition is $495. Email questions to Click here to learn more.

Get Text Action Alert Updates from the Academy

To stay connected with the Academy’s important action alerts and legislative updates, text eatright to 50457 and enroll in text alerts. You may also opt in by marking the “Send me text alerts” box whenever you respond to an action alert. If you previously marked this box you are already subscribed and do not need to sign up again.

Health Professional’s Guide to Nutrition Management of Food Allergies

Learn about the foundations of food allergies, diagnosis, nutrition management and prevention and treatment in an all-inclusive resource. The Academy's book was developed in partnership with Food Allergy Research and Education. Click here to learn more.

January 15 Application Deadline: Opportunities to Serve

Academy committees are a unique opportunity to serve the profession and make a difference. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the application by January 15, 2024. The information you provide will assist the president-elect and speaker-elect in making appointments for the 2024-2025 program year. Learn More

Systematic Review: MNT for Adults with Prediabetes

A new systematic review shows medical nutrition therapy provided by an RDN can improve glycemic outcomes in adults with prediabetes. Learn More

Develop Original Recipes: The Complete Recipe Writing Guide

If you are seeking ways to develop original recipes for people with specific health conditions, the Academy has published the resource for you. Learn ways to select and modify recipe ingredients and amounts to meet the needs of your audience, as well as how to style your finished recipe for picture-perfect results. Learn More

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