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MAND 2022 Fall Newsletter

Letter from our President

Hello MAND members!

I hope this newsletter finds you doing well. It has certainly been a beautiful fall!

Several members of the MAND Board attended FNCE in Orlando this October. While there, we were able to meet with Rachel Kelleher and Carrie Kiley from Academy Affiliate Services to review our priorities for the year. Their experienced perspective and assistance to our board are invaluable! We also greatly enjoyed this year’s keynote speaker- Daymond John from Shark Tank and the Fubu clothing line. We held a poolside social event for MAND members at FNCE. It was great to see some of our members face-to-face! Thank you to Heather Healy for organizing the event. Through a random drawing of members, MAND was able to provide support toward registration to attend FNCE virtually or in-person for two professional members- Whitney Gould-Cookson and Elizabeth Sarle and two student members- Kayla Parsons and Lily Brickman.

Congratulations to Jeanne Reilly for her national award- Outstanding Nutrition & Dietetics Technician, Registered Award, which she received at FNCE. We applaud her work and advocacy in school nutrition!

We are grateful for Kayla Parson’s leadership as MAND Public Policy Coordinator. The work of the Public Policy Panel to influence rule making by our Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice is critically important.

The MAND Board meets monthly over Zoom and has been discussing the activities we can provide as member benefits. Previous surveys of MAND members have indicated that opportunities for networking are valued by members. Our spring conference (in-person) will provide the chance to catch up with your fellow nutrition and dietetics professionals. We are also planning a legislative event at the Statehouse in the spring. The Board is planning regional networking events called the Foodies Forum. Please watch the MAND email blasts for more information on attending a MAND Foodies Forum!

Other ways that you can participate in MAND include: nominate a colleague for one of the Affiliate Awards, peruse the open board positions and consider joining the board, or contact us to find more ways to be involved with Board activities.

Wishing you success, good health and joy through the holiday season!

Sue Sullivan, DSc, RD

President Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2022-2023



Tell us about yourself!

I have worked in the food & nutrition field for nearly 40 years! My career spans working in a clinical hospital setting, the Women Infants & Children program, and long-term care as both a Diet Tech and Director of Food & Nutrition. I found my true passion & my community working in school nutrition as a Director of School Nutrition. I enjoy the varied work responsibilities, the opportunity to engage families, to work at marketing school meals & healthful eating, and for training & building up others within the school nutrition community. I am passionate about Feeding the Future, about advocating for Healthy School Meals for All, building up the next generation of School Nutrition leaders, and also about marketing and changing the perception of school meals through social media. I was most recently award the Outstanding Nutrition & Dietetics Technician, Registered Award by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics for my innovative work in school nutrition, my commitment to building up new leaders and nutrition professionals through trainings, webinars, and mentoring, for being a co-administrator on TIPS for School Meals that Rock, as well as my work advocating for healthy school meals for all.

What are some of your favorite things about your job?

I love School Nutrition because you have the opportunity to influence the eating habits of children; I truly believe that we are feeding the future! I love how school nutrition programs can influence not only how children eat and their relationship with food but their families’ as well! In the district where I work, we make an effort to incorporate farm to school in classroom cooking experiences, sharing recipes & strategies with families as well. In March, we have a month-long celebration for National Nutrition Month that we call "Eat Your Way Through the Alphabet." From March 1 through March 31, we eat fruits & vegetables, A - Z, in all of our cafeterias. As part of this month-long event, we send home recipes, and offer cooking tips and nutrition information on all of the featured menu items. Every year, families comment or email that their child loved the _____ and can they have the recipe that we used or thank us for introducing their children to new foods. I really love this month-long event and how it highlights the best of school nutrition and how we are changing the relationship that children have with food and #FeedingTheFuture.

Why did you choose to practice in Maine?

I moved to Maine from New Jersey when I was 10 years old. I fell in love with Southern Maine and it quickly became home. Though I have worked in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York & Florida, I eventually came back "home.” I continue to reside in Kennebunk Maine, with my husband, and I also care for my nearly 99 year old mother (she'll be 99 in December), who lives with us.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes when you’re not working?

Hiking, photography and spending time with my family, including my 6 grandchildren!

What is your favorite food?

I LOVE roasted vegetables and fresh swordfish and scallops! My favorite dessert is probably really good ice cream. Truly - any meal I enjoy with friends & family that I love!

Do you have any advice for new dietitians, dietetic interns, or students?

I do! It took me a while to realize or learn this, but:

  • Find mentors & cultivate & maintain those relationships

  • Find your community

  • Build relationships with others within your field of practice, but also in other fields of practice

  • Find your passion (after working in hospitals, for WIC, in Long Term Care I finally found my passion in School Nutrition)

  • Accept Challenges & stretch your boundaries. Be willing to say "yes!”

  • Become involved in associations such as MAND, AND, and dietetic practice groups!


MAND Public Policy Updates

Rulemaking Process

MAND’s Public Policy Panel has recently been discussing the rulemaking process for our dietetic licensure law in response to the implementation of several statutes (i.e., Public Law Chapter 167, Public Law Chapter 290, and Public Law Chapter 291). Rules, in contrast to laws, aid in public access to agency decision-making, which in our case, would be Maine’s Board of Dietetic Practice. The current rules have not been amended since 1999, and the implementation of the statutes gives MAND the perfect opportunity to take part in this process! Suggestions for amendments to the current rules aim to result in contemporary expectations and definitions, aligning closely with language from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Of note, amendment to the rules does not impact or open any laws for debate; for example, the Public Law Chapter 104: Dietitians will remain intact (even if rule changes occur).

During this process, the Public Policy Panel has been working closely with the Academy’s office of Government and Regulatory Affairs. Both the expertise from the Academy and viewpoints from Public Policy members will result in the development of a draft suggesting amendments to Chapter Two: Rules for Licensing of Dietetic Practice. This draft will be presented to MAND’s board for review. Chapter Two amendments will then be presented to the licensure board, in hopes of implementation. The Public Policy Panel has also been working to find members to fill positions on the licensure board to expedite the overall process when the time is appropriate.

2023 Annual Legislative Event

The Public Policy Panel has also begun planning the annual legislative event. We hope to see everyone at this year’s event, which will be held in-person. Stay tuned for more details and updates!


MAND Updates

The Future Dietetics Professional Scholarship

The Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers two $500 scholarships yearly to students planning a career as nutrition and dietetics professional.

Award applications open on January 1st of each year and all application materials must be received by March 1st of the same year. The award is expected to be used for education purposes for the following semester. For details, check out the student resource section of the MAND website by clicking here.


MAND Awards

MAND is seeking nominations for excellent nutrition and dietetic students and professionals for awards to be given in the spring of 2023. All recipients must be a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The Awards Committee is accepting peer and self-nominations for the following awards:

Emerging Dietetic Leader- open to any RDN or RDT who has practiced 5-10 years, is active (paying member in good standing) in the Academy (national, state, or district) for five years, and has not previously been selected. The recipient should also demonstrate concern for health & nutritional status of the population, and exhibit leadership.

Outstanding Dietetic Student- Open to students enrolled in an ACEND-accredited dietetics education program, and have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, and professional potential.

Outstanding Dietitian of the Year- open to all active RDNs (paying and in good standing) in the national, state, or district academy, not previously selected, and have demonstrated leadership.

Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year- open to an RDT active in national , affiliate, or district academy (paying member in good standing), not previously selected, demonstrated concern for promoting optimal health and nutritional status of the population, and leadership.

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year- open to an RDN 35 years of age or younger by May 1, 2022, active in the national, state, or district academy (paying member in good standing), not previously selected, demonstrated concern for the promotion of optimal health and nutritional status of the population and leadership.

To submit an award nomination, please complete the following form (which provides details for each award) by March 10, 2023, clicking the MAND Awards Nomination form.

For questions or inquiries, contact the Nominating Committee at:


MAND Volunteer Leadership Opportunities– Get involved with MAND!

Each year, MAND has volunteer positions to fill, and we’d love your help! Join us and learn valuable leadership and collaboration skills, while helping to advance MANDs mission.

MAND Board and Committee Members must be members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our board cycle runs from June 1st to May 31st of each year, but we accept applications and inquiries all year round. Opportunities also exist year round to participate in special projects and committees. Position descriptions and the application form are on the MAND website and can be found by clicking here. If you have any questions please email our Nominating Committee Chair Nominations and Awards Chair or


What’s New: The Academy

November 28-29: Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam Hands-On Training Workshop

The Academy’s live, virtual NFPE training provides the skills, techniques and expert guidance an RDN needs to accurately provide individuals with a nutrition diagnosis of malnutrition. Attendees benefit from receiving real-time feedback on their techniques which increases your confidence and skill level. An adult NFPE virtual workshop will be held November 28 and 29. Ten CPEUs are available. Learn More

Live November 29 Webinar: Quarterly Spotlight on Malnutrition: Engaging with the Global Malnutrition Composite Score

A live November 29 webinar will recognize the importance of a hospital’s ability to self-select the Global Malnutrition Composite Score measure; discuss how to engage administrators and stakeholders; and outline elements of the measure hospitals will need to report. Learn More

Seeking Lactation Dietitians for Research Study

The Academy's Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team is seeking RDNs who specialize in breastfeeding to help collect information about the nutrition care and documentation provided to patients giving and receiving breast milk. If you work in hospitals, inpatient and outpatient clinics, private practices, public health centers and other facilities, you may be eligible to participate. The project is funded by the Pediatric Nutrition and Women’s Health dietetic practice groups. Email Learn More

Apply to Become a National Academy Media Spoke person

Are you frequently quoted in the media for your expertise in food and nutrition? If so, consider applying to the Academy’s landmark volunteer media Spokesperson Program. Three-year Spokesperson terms begin June 1. Openings are available in several geographical and practice specialty areas. The application deadline is February 3. Learn more here.

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